Roaster Services


Our multiple-hearth roaster contains sixteen hearths (or floors) stacked on top of each other. Material is fed into the roaster, and then transferred mechanically via a center shaft, arms and blades to lower hearths (or floors). These components move the material alternately inward (towards) and outward (away) from the center shaft. At the bottom of the roaster, material is cooled and mechanically conveyed into a dump truck or supersacks.

The roaster processes materials at temperatures up to approximately 1800° F (1000° C). The reactions available include removal of sulfur, carbon, water and oil. Feedstocks are often blended for metallurgical and logistical considerations, but we can isolate quantities as small as 500 tons if desired by the customer. Capacity depends on raw material composition and form, but ranges up to approximately 25K tons annually.

The effluent/gas/exhaust train includes a dry flue gas desulfurization (FGD) unit that allows for processing of higher sulfur-containing materials. The sulfur dioxide is converted to a calcium-sulfur oxide that has commercial applications. This environmental system is consistent with our commitment to producing no wastewater stream.